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Why God? Why?!
 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
03:06pm 03/11/2011
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
7:02 PM 3/10/2011 · I'm very much looking forward to Battle: Los Angeles, even though it's generated an unfortunate side effect. As with many other movies, Asylum Films has already made Battle for Los Angeles...which fortunately will not make the big screen but, instead, will be on Syfy the following evening.

I'll probably see both Saturday...the latter only if nothing else is going on.
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mixed feelings about this
 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
12:17pm 03/01/2011
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
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 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
01:37pm 01/11/2011
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
A little late in the game but not a complete lost as each episode is only ½ an hour long. Syfy is running an all day Green Hornet marathon, started at 8am this morning.

Feel kinda bad as I did know about this but forgot to mention it before now.
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 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
03:39pm 01/09/2011
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
I'm a bit on the fence in regards to The Cape, which starts tonight on NBC. It's a similar complaint I had with No Ordinary Family, that the show has heroes in it but was not intended to be a comicbook kinda format...

...although, granted, I love No Ordinary Family.

Guess we'll see.

Check your local listings.
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some of which you may've heard
 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
03:32pm 01/04/2011
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
Even though it was cancelled a few months back, Battlestar Galactica's Caprica will be doing new epieoses tonite. Although it's a bit unique as it's doing the final five (Final 5, ha!) episodes all at once and back to back starting at 6pm tonite on Syfy.

No Ordinary Family & V will be doing new episodes starting at 8pm tonite on ABC.

Set for June 2011, which may be an issue as the Christian Judgement Day is scheduled for May 21st 2011, is a new series coming to TNT called Falling Skies. Not sure if it's an actual series or a mini·series yet but it looks pretty tight!
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Keel zem! Keel zem all!!
 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
03:55pm 11/08/2010
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
10:40 PM 11/5/10 · So, Syfy has announced an all new, original concept TV series called Being Human. An apartment that has 3 people living in it: a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf. Looks interesting and I'm always a BIG fan of Syfy's original series...

...please insert dripping sarcasm here!

This is an original concept if you've never watched anything on the BBC, by which I mean it's a ripoff of an existing series. I don't recall if the other one was called Being Human also, think it was though, but it came out a little bit over a year ago. Same concept, same rough stories from what I saw of the preview, and that as they say is that.

Kind of a re·occuring issue I've got with Syfy. They periodically introduce new series that they claim are their own original concepts. Last one I clearly recall was Stargate SG·1, which originally aired on Showtime for it's first 2 or 3 seasons.

Anyway, this Being Human is due out in January.
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Glee Horror Picture Show
 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
10:42am 10/26/2010
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
I don't watch Glee. Don't particularly have anything against it, just doesn't strike me as interesting.

However I may, unless there's a scheduling conflict, have to check it out tonite because they're doing The Rocky horror Picture Show.

Check your local listings.
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 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
10:15am 10/11/2010
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
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 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
06:17pm 09/30/2010
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
xposted to Television Addictionde·Boob·Tube & Fanatical GeeksMulti·Genre·Fan

8:44 PM 9/28/10 · Just an on the spot review of some of the highlights of my current viewing pleasure:

The Event: I actually missed all but the first 2 season of Lost, plan to rent the rest or catch it on one of the mini·marathons on Syfy, but I got the gist of it. Other than twisted conspiracies and a truly uniquely displaced plane...it's nothing like this program. The format is similar in that the story proceeds along with multiple flashbacks to story details. Only 2 episodes in this is what's going on with it: a flying craft of unknown design crashed in 1944, not in Roswell. Occupants looked human but are not, significan variant in their DNA to be an entirely different species. They have been locked up since that day by the United States government, excepting a few that left the crash site to integrate and plan. The displacement, which could've been technology or power, of the plane was done by them...causing an airplane to teleport from one side of the country to the other. Seems to be a few main camps: the occupants locked up, the occupants on the loose, US government, the President, a terrorist group, and a guy who's trying to save his family who's been dragged into this whole mess.

No Ordinary Life: Because of this show I'm going to be missing a lot of NCIS this season, currently watching bits at commercials. A dysfunctional family with possibly the worst luck ever gain superhuman powers when the father tries to get them to re·bond on a trip to Brazil. He gets superhuman strength and nigh·invulnerability. Wife gets superhuman speed. Daughter is telepathic. Son is going to, hasn't kicked in yet, become super smart. Father initially tries to fight crime but that didn't go so well when he got shot in the back of the head; broke the skin but didn't penetrate much further than that...though it did knock him out. Advertising suggested they weren't going to overplay the superhero angle. Commercials have hinted they're not the only ones with abilities. Show is fun and has a good use of humor, lots of ironic punny statements.

Stargate Universe: Though the timeslot conflicts with NCIS: LA, SGU is on Syfy and will repeat multiple times a week. Last season ended with the Luteian Alliance gaining access to the Destiny and the military onboard were about to be executed, talk about an intense cliffhanger. *

Chuck: I haven't watched this since the 2nd season. Not because I don't like it but due to there always been something in the same timeslot I enjoy more. Currently that's House, which has become dynamically more interesting since he and Cutty are now a couple and 13 is in the wind.

Undercovers: While it's essentially a spy show, it's a very fun one. Working on the theme of two spies who fell in love and left the job together, never talking about their secret pasts though each knowing what the other was, they get dragged back in to save a mutual friend. The tech isn't too far advanced from the present. The show is funny and enticing, they'd become rather calm and complacent in marriage but doing espionage (sexpionage) again is reminding them why they fell in love in the first place.

The Vampire Diaries: Everybody's back and Katherine too. The evil double to the current main character has returned to the small New England town where all this drama to start some more. She returned, so she claims, for Stefan and to torment Damon. I've liked this show from the very beginning and moreso now as they've finally confirmed werewolves...though not of a type I'm fond of.

Fringe: The war between 2 dimensional Earths continues. The main FBI agent trapped in a world not her own but brainwashed into believing she's from there while her counterpart roams free on our Earth unknowingly among her counterpart's team. Still an intensely good show.

Smallville: With evidence that Luthor survived, taking parts from various cloned bodies, and the traditional red and blue suit finally out in the open (if not worn yet) coupled with evidence that Clark has finally learned how to fly, even if he's in denial about it...this new and final season to this fun show is starting off beautifully.

Generator Rex: One of the only cartoons I follow regularly these days, currently in its second season. Set in the future where nanotechnology was essentially perfected but ran riot over the entire scope of the planet. The one great hope of humanity is a boy with controlled nanites that enable him to trasnform parts of his body into numerous machines and the ability to cure others afflicted.

The Clone Wars: I only loosely watch this show but I've enjoyed it everytime I have. The ongoing Star Wars saga of the time between the 2nd and 3rd films of the series. I had some canon issues with the series at first but an interview with George Lucas, essentially admitting this was as much a reboot as to introduce new generations of fans to the fandom. It's pretty cool, even if Jar Jar keeps popping up.

Supernatural: Only one episode into the new season and I'm kind of on the fence. I'm liking it but I'm confused. The the final season was supposed to be last season, the end of the Apocalypse, the banishment of Lucifer, the revelation the Prophet was actually God, and Dean settling down to an ordinary life. Granted, it ended with a Hell of a teaser, with Sam under a flickering light...but still. So the new season has Dean seemingly settled and happy when he learns that Sam isn't in the pit anymore and that his grandfather is alive again, along with numerous members of his family as hunters he didn't know existed. That and while the Hellborn creatures may be out of the picture but the other monsters of the world are running rampant and not behaving as they have in the centuries before, I suspect the near Apocalypse has upset their unnatural sense of order. So Dean is trying to maintain his new family life while occasionally helping Sam hunt when he has to.

Haven: Supposedly inspired by The Colorado Kid, a noir novel Stephen King wrote, but having very little to do with it other than mentions, so far as I'm aware. A small New England town infested with people with bizarre abilities and the FBI agent, former as of last week, who has found she has a knack for dealing with this stuff.

There's quite a few more I watch regularly but the above are the more geeky ones. More fannish ones too starting in October: Resistance, Caprica, & Sanctuary.
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TV - Fall Season
 de_boob_tube - (evilgrins)
12:13pm 09/12/2010
Doppleganger posting in de Boob Tube
9:58 PM 9/10/10 · As is typically the case, I usually do one of these posts at the beginning of any given season. With followup posts during said season. However, I've been in a bit of a fog lately so here's what we got for Fall...

...insofar as the stuff I'm interested in.

A little late into the game, some of these have already started, but that gives me leeway for mini·reviews.

8pm - 9:30pm: The Simpsons, Cleveland Show, Family Guy
New seasons for all start September 27th on FOX

8pm - 9pm:
Hawaii 5O, September 20th on CBS
House, Semptember 20th on FOX
9pm - 10pm:
Lie to Me, September 13th on FOX
10pm - 11pm:
Castle, September 20th on ABC

9pm - 10pm:
Stargate Universe, September 28th on Syfy
10pm - 11pm:
Sons of Anarchy, September 7th on FX (coming season looks intense)
Caprica, October 5th on Syfy

9pm - 10pm:
Hellcats, September 8th on The CW (looks like it'll be a fun series)
10pm - 11pm:
The Defenders, Semptermber 22nd on CBS
Terriers, September 8th on FX (has a certain gritty charm)

8pm - 9pm:
The Vampire Diaries, September 9th on The CW (great season opener)
8:30pm - 9pm:
$#*! My Dad Says, September 23rd on CBS
9pm - 10pm:
CSI, September 23rd on CBS
Nikita, September 9th on USA (a surprising new take)
Fringe, September 23rd on FOX
10pm - 11pm, September 9th on Syfy (not as interesting as I'd hoped)

8pm - 9pm:
Supernatural, September 24th on The CW [very surprised, thought the series was over]
9pm - 10pm:
Smallville, sometime this month on The CW; the final season
The Good Guys, September 24th on FOX

Special Notice, as I'm fuzzy on the times:
Generator REX, Star Wars: Clone Wars
probably 8:30pm - 9:30pm
The Cartoon Network, September 17th

nothing specific, some decent new Morning Toons...but I don't know the schedule

There's some other stuff I'm fuzzy on. CSI: Miami moved to Sunday but I don't know when. There's a series slated for NBC called The Event that's being advertised exceedingly vague, no idea when it starts. A few other things I don't recall at the moment.
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